Terms and Conditions for Influencer collaboration

This section is to introduce the parties

This influencer agreement hereinafter “Agreement” is entered into the date of the signature by and between the representative for the influencer or the influencer themself who is filling out the collaboration form hereinafter “influencer” and LogoLife. Together, hereinafter referred to as “Parties”.

Purpose of collaboration

LogoLife wants to collaborate with the influencer in an influencer campaign to bring and grow awareness. The campaign will be mainly set for 

  • Creating & sharing story shoutouts
  • Creating & sharing posts on the feed
  • Any additional outlets influencer & brand agrees upon


The contract will have a duration of (ongoing as long as influencer and brand continue to consent working with each other) from the time the contract is signed.

Particular relationship conditions

The influencer will provide a contact and a telephone/laptop with sufficient capacity to develop the content for the campaign. The collaborator will provide insights with the metrics that are available in their profile of each post. LogoLife can reuse content created by influencer for campaigns done for LogoLife indefinitely. LogoLife is authorized with whitelisting posts that are created in campaigns indefinitely. If the influencer does not have a Facebook business page created yet, they will create one to enable whitelisting with LogoLife.


The influencer will receive the monetary compensation agreed upon for the collaboration. This payment will be distributed before each feed post is made live. The Influencer must refund LogoLife the full amount within 24 hours of the missed date.

Responsibility of advertising actions/FTC guidelines

The influencer will follow FTC guidelines by (such as adding #sponsored or #ad in posts).

Confidentiality information

The influencer will keep the most absolute confidentiality regarding the performance of the contracted services, the result thereof, as well as any information related to LogoLife. The result of sharing this information will be termination of this agreement.

Reasons for termination of contract

Valid causes of termination of the contract will be all those that are expressly included in the regulations applicable to it, highlighting the following:

  • Failure by the influencer to provide exclusive professional services for LogoLife
  • Withdrawal of the influencer by prior notice to the Company
  • The influencer has shared personal information of the company

And for the record, these Terms & Conditions are legally effective once the influencer collaboration form is submitted.