5 tech tools to help your child start their business

Getting started: Your Child’s Business There are many things to think about when anyone starts a business, and this can definitely be overwhelming at times, especially for young entrepreneurs.  No worries though, we’ve got your child covered with 5 main points they can focus on to get started and tech tools to aid them each […]

How some parents are supporting their children’s mental health during Covid

Mental health struggles to overcome “Summer vacation is here early” is what most students thought when they first went virtual. This was what Victoria Vial thought, a middle school student, who would sit in her comfy chair, in her pajamas, and text her friends during class at the beginning. (Peterson, 2021) After the next report […]

5 surprising benefits of math tutoring

1. More confidence An overall boost in confidence is a great benefit from math tutoring. When students make mistakes on assignments & tests in class, they’ll start to hesitate with speaking up, asking questions, and engaging in class. Students are more likely to participate without the fear of getting an answer wrong when they’re more […]

2 ways your teen can overcome time management struggles

Time Management Struggle Does this sound familiar to you? Your teen is trying to do some kind of work late at night around 11PM and they sit there for a few hours staring at the assignment or project but unable to get anything productive done.  They’re frustrated saying, “How come I can’t get anything done […]

5 fun tech tools to improve math comprehension (k-12)

1. Sum Dog Sum Dog is a scientifically proven & evidence based tech tool that gamifies learning for K-8. The practice games are aligned with the common core and most state standards.  There are in game rewards like coins that make it more enjoyable & fun for students who play. Additionally, they provide iPad & […]

5 Tech tools your teen can use to improve their reading comprehension

1. Newsela Newsela is a tech solution that helps students improve their reading comprehension by having built in activities with each text that students read. They provide thousands of real-world texts (non-fiction) to engage students with different interests. Each piece of text is also available in 5 reading levels to help students start where they […]

How to preserve your mental energy & schedule your day

Have you experienced this? Have you ever tried working at the end of the day on an important task for hours, but can’t seem to get any productive work out of you. You’re not the only one. The reason you struggle to efficiently get work done at the end of the day is because you’ve […]

1 Surprising reason why some parents are able to keep their kids motivated

Imagine your child moving full speed towards their goals with confidence. Achieving at the highest level, filled with self belief, curiosity, and a growth mindset. Let’s examine the surprising relationship between a sense of ownership and motivation. Performance drop starts in elementary school New classroom research shows “that after second or third grade, many students begin […]

How to change your teen’s attitude toward math

Research Findings A Stanford study has found that a positive attitude towards math boosts the brain’s memory center and predicts math performance, independent of the child’s IQ. (Erin Digitale, Stanford School of Medicine) (See source here) You can find the full study in Psychological Science. “Educators have long observed higher math scores in children who […]

7 Steps to Ace the SAT – 2021 Edition

1. Get familiar with the SAT format, feel, & structure It can be nerve racking for highschool students to take a 4 hour exam that is a heavily weighted factor for college admissions. You need to know what to expect when you take the actual SAT. This allows you to think & perform at your […]