Ensuring Your Homeschool Curriculum Meets College Admissions Standards

Understanding College Admissions Criteria One of the most pressing concerns for homeschooling parents as their children approach college age is whether their homeschool curriculum is rigorous enough to meet college admissions standards. It’s a valid concern, given the competitive nature of college admissions. However, with thoughtful planning and strategic execution, homeschoolers can not only meet but […]

Homeschool Transcript

Crafting a Comprehensive Homeschool Transcript for College Admissions Homeschoolers have a unique challenge when it comes to providing a transcript in the college admissions process. Since you don’t have the traditional high school transcript, you need to craft one yourself that meets college expectations because you don’t have an official traditional high school transcript. What […]

College personal essay guide for homeschoolers

Craft a compelling personal essay with the Hero’s Journey framework Crafting a personal essay for your college application presents a unique opportunity to showcase your individual journey, challenges, and triumphs. One compelling way to structure your narrative is through the lens of the Hero’s Journey, a timeless framework popularized by Joseph Campbell. This narrative arc, […]

Navigating the College Admissions Process as a Homeschooler

Navigating the college admissions process can be uniquely challenging for homeschool students and their parents. This guide aims to demystify the process, providing you with a roadmap to prepare and present your homeschool education in the best light possible. Understand Admissions Requirements for Homeschoolers Research Specific College Requirements Begin by researching the admissions requirements of […]

3 Tips For Landing a Paid Tech Internship

A tech internship is a work opportunity that companies give to students or graduates so they can get hands-on experience. This applies to fields such as computer programming, data science, software engineering, and more. It’s a wonderful way for you to get real-life, specialized experience in a field that interests you. Today we share 3 […]

Best Coding Bootcamps For Teens

Is your teen interested in tech, computer science or coding? Many people these days are foregoing the traditional path of a 4-year degree and opting for online coding workshops or boot camps. Coding boot camps allow students to learn the skills that the tech industry is looking for in computer science professionals. It can also […]

Top 3 Lucrative Tech Careers Your Teen Should Consider

Whether your teen is gung-ho about landing a career in the tech space or they’re still exploring their options, some tech careers can be highly lucrative and fulfilling. With employment in the technology sector expected to grow 15% from 2021-2031, you can feel confident knowing the demand is here to stay. Keep reading to learn […]

5 Reasons Why Coding Is Important For Kids To Learn

Whether your child dreams of becoming a software developer or has no clue what they want to pursue, learning how to code brings an array of benefits. From expanding one’s imagination to learning a whole new (computer) language, coding is an in-demand skill that’s here to stay. Even if your child isn’t interested in pursuing […]

5 steps your child can take to start their business

Getting started: Your child’s business There are many things to think about when anyone starts a business, and this can definitely be overwhelming at times, especially for young entrepreneurs.  No worries though, we’ve got your child covered with 5 main points they can focus on to get started and tech tools to aid them each step […]

How to help your child to uninteresting things

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation Researchers have found that people usually do things based off of extrinsic motivators, intrinsic motivators, or a mix of both.  Extrinsic motivation is when you do something because of an obvious external reward like money or avoiding punishment (i.e. bad grades). Internal motivation is when you have an internal desire to want to […]